Thursday, September 13, 2007

I love going to the game

God it's fun going out to watch a game!

Sam and I took the drive up to Sydney to get in a game between the Hawks and the Swans, hoping for a nice day out.

With a beer and a pie to go with a beautifully sunny day, what more could we want?

I'm a Hawk fan, ever since I was five years old. It was good to see Croady run out for this 200th game!!!!
Sam.... unfortunately he's a Swans fan...... still, he seems happy enough.
The game was going badly for the Hawks.... very badly....

I was pretty sure of this when I found that I was getting more entertainment from laughing at what must be the GREATEST MUSTACHE EVER!!!!!!
.... the Hawks were thumped.....
... it doesn't matter... it was still a nice day out.