Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pretentious and impractical

The development of Canberra since I left has been surprising.  There have been an incredible number of hotels and apartment complexes that have been built and I cannot completely understand why there is a need for so many of them.  Even with the population growth that has happened in Canberra over the last few years, there still doesn't really seem to be the people necessary to fill all of these places.

Canberra still feels empty.

Driving around the town, walking around the town... there doesn't feel like there has been any increase in activity or density.  The traffic hasn't gotten any worse either (not that there ever was any traffic).

Even when I reached my hotel, I was a little bit shocked by the pointlessness of it all.  Everything looked nice, but even here there were numerous examples of design for design's sake without any real function or purpose.  In the bathroom for instance, the designers had decided against a sink and opted instead for a flat piece of metal like in a "fancy cafe".  It may have looked nice (arguably), but it was just a perfect example of missing the point.  This was a hotel where people lived (albeit briefly), and I needed a sink.

I didn't even bother to take any photos.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Easily pleased

It turns out I'm very easily pleased.

My mood can be immediately improved by simple things such as the result of a football game.

I was still in a pretty upbeat mood following the grand final win by the Hawthorn Hawks.

This happy mood became something tangible for me when I got to take hold of the premiership cup!

I had never been this close to the cup before!  Getting the opportunity to actually hold it was something special.  It made me feel like a little kid again, filled with the excitement that comes with seeing your team and celebrating the wins with friends at school.