Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dinner with mother and father

After my graduation, my parents wanted dinner....

We went to the oldest restaurant in town.
.... it was pretty good.....
I looooooooove oysters!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

So now I'm a graduate......

After missing out on my original graduation date due to the need to go home to look after my mother.....

I finally got to go to my graduation ceremony!

It was an interesting day.

Not one I'd do again, but definitely interesting.

I was happy to see that I was there with a few friends. People whom I thought had graduated last year were there!

I even managed to get my photo taken with the Chancellor!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tune up

When you ski on an awful pair of old Rossignol skis..... you really don't care what happens to them.

Apparently they're filled with styrofoam anyway.
Things are a bit different for Bryce and Hugh though.

Every pair of skis they own is provided to them by the companies.

Racing skis that will never be used by the rest of us "normals".

But.... with such valuable skis....

Comes the need to tune them.....

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

On top of Australia

Skiing to the top of Australia!!!!

We wandered into the Eagles Nest for some brief shelter from the cold.

But then it was time to go back out! Visibility was VERY low and the winds were howling.

Didn't stop me though. I happily reached the highest ski lift in Australia.
Above the tree line, there wasn't anything to get in the way! Straight lining became far more fun.
The high winds produced some strange looking ice-crystals on all the rocks.
Isn't it perfect?
As the temperatures dropped again, Hugh and I retreated to the Kareela Hut for some warm drinks.Great views!
As we both skied down to the bottom again, Hugh decided to take a different run to me. We agreed that we'd meet at the base of the Gunbarrel chair lift.....

However, as I went down I stopped paying attention and flew right passed the turn I needed to make.... I ended up at a completely different location at the bottom. I didn't have Hugh's mobile number, so the minute I reached the bottom, I had kicked off my skis and ran to the shuttle bus. I got on that and travelled back to the lift I SHOULD have been at.... the look on Hugh's face as I appeared in the opposite direction of where I should have been coming from with skis on shoulder was priceless.....

Monday, July 02, 2007

Up the mountain

The skiing yesterday was tough..... really bad conditions..... awful conditions.

I got a little bit of frost burn on my lips and nose.

At one stage Hugh and I both ducked our heads to avoid the winds only for chills to go down our backs.

Today was MUCH nicer!

The sun was out and Hugh and I headed straight up Gunbarrel to find some nicer runs.

Isn't the snow beautiful?
Absolutely stunning.
As we got to the top, the winds started blowing again..... blowing even harder than the day before.....

At least the sun was out I guess.....

Look at that view!

Hugh looks happy with the snow as well!

Over the course of three seasons, I've had the pleasure of skiing with Bryce and Hugh, two of the best skiers in Australia (and the world for that matter). It's definitely been a great experience. Trying to keep up with these two, even on the traverses, is near impossible!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cold as ice!!!!

I love the cold.

I also love the snow.

Skiing and snow... it really must be one of the best combinations ever!

When Bryce asked if I wanted to head to the mountain with his family... I jumped on the opportunity!
Pretty good snow! Not great.... but definitely above average.
Bryce and I also took this opportunity to head down to ''42''. This cafe supposedly makes the best coffees in Australia. I stopped drinking coffee two years ago... but I take this opportunity as the only time when I break this ban.

Getting down to the cafe was COLD, even when rugged up.

The coffees were good though, very good.

Bryce proudly displays his Are beanie. It's amazing how much stuff he gets from being a World Champs ski racer.

For competing at the World Champs, he and his brother were presented these amazing Crystal glasses.....

About to head off to the mountain!!!!