Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A clouded wander

Off I went on this walk!

My knee was feeling strong and I wanted to be out in the open being cooped up in the enclosed spaces of Hong Kong .My hopes of seeing some views of Hong Kong really weren't going to be happening on this walk.

It felt like something out of a movie, it was as though I was walking into the underworld or into a dream. Looking out into the distance, all I could see was the same whiteness that didn't change.
When combined with some of the more surreal looking natural features, I definitely began to feel as though there was something almost otherworldly about this walk I was taking.
But onwards I walk!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Clouded views

The top of the Peak wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
I had been hoping for vast and expansive views of Hong Kong, instead I found myself confronted with visibility reduced to about 20 metres.
Still, being a tourist means that you're meant to embrace the experiences and this was definitely something I hadn't experienced before.
For one thing, it isn't really "fog" that I found myself in. It was actually the clouds! I was literally wandering around in the low level clouds that had surrounded the mountain range (and which was most likely sending rain onto the residents in Hong Kong below). It's an incredibly surreal feeling to know that you are walking through a cloud, that people down below are looking up into the sky and that you're pacing around in that exact sky.
I didn't want to leave so quickly. So after some quick inquiries, I was able to find out about some walks I could do.
So it was off into the clouds I walked!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tourist fun

I've been to Hong Kong so many times over the years. It's not that surprising considering it's where much of my extended family resides.

However, in all of these trips, I've spent a surprisingly small amount of time exploring Hong Kong. I've rarely had the opportunity to actually be a tourist. Instead, I've found myself being shuttled from one family obligation to another.

The result has been that I have found myself with not only a poor understanding of where anything is in Hong Kong, but also a distinct lack of opportunities to see what makes this town so special.

This was going to change though.

This trip to Hong Kong was surprisingly event free which allowed me more than enough opportunity to be the tourist my heart yearned to be. I wanted to do my usual tourist thing and just wander and wander until I found myself too exhausted to walk anymore (this was also going to be something of a test for my reconstructed knee).

The big thing on my list of things to do was the Peak!

And not only the Peak, I wanted to ride the famous tram up to the Peak!
The Peak is on top of the mountain range that runs across the middle of Hong Kong island. It has long been the location of choice for the richest of the rich to live and for the rest of us mere mortals to visit.
Catching the tram, at certain points, the incline reaches ridiculously steep levels that force you into the back of the chair.
... ideally, there should be a lovely view of Hong Kong and the harbour...

Friday, March 04, 2011

Tranquility in the heart of the city

I always seem to find myself in this park in Hong Kong.

It's located near Admiralty in the heart of the city and it's a lovely, calm and quiet place that is amazingly removed from the traffic and congestion only a hundred metres or so away.

I remember coming here years ago and wandering around the tea museum.
It's not as good anymore (or maybe my memory betrays me), but it's still nice being somewhere that doesn't involve people trying to sell you things.
It always amazed me that these places can exist though. Such secluded and quiet places that are surrounded by so much congestion.
People living in these busy places often complain about the lack of space and the lack of any greenery, but do they realise that they have places like this a mere five minute wander from where they are?
It almost seems like an intentional blindness to justify their own ways of living.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Forrest Gump?

This seems silly to me.

My friend insisted that we go.

But I still find it silly.
It's a Forrest Gump themed restaurant called "Bubba Gump's".

An entire restaurant that's been based off of the movie Forrest Gump....

It all seems just a bit excessive to me. Is anyone that into the movie that they would be keen on experiencing it all again in kitch restaurant form?
Amazingly, it's also located on "The Peak", one of the highest points in Hong Kong that overlooks the entire city.

The food was mediocre and overpriced and the novelty factor wore off pretty quickly....