Friday, March 04, 2011

Tranquility in the heart of the city

I always seem to find myself in this park in Hong Kong.

It's located near Admiralty in the heart of the city and it's a lovely, calm and quiet place that is amazingly removed from the traffic and congestion only a hundred metres or so away.

I remember coming here years ago and wandering around the tea museum.
It's not as good anymore (or maybe my memory betrays me), but it's still nice being somewhere that doesn't involve people trying to sell you things.
It always amazed me that these places can exist though. Such secluded and quiet places that are surrounded by so much congestion.
People living in these busy places often complain about the lack of space and the lack of any greenery, but do they realise that they have places like this a mere five minute wander from where they are?
It almost seems like an intentional blindness to justify their own ways of living.

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