Monday, March 14, 2011

Clouded views

The top of the Peak wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
I had been hoping for vast and expansive views of Hong Kong, instead I found myself confronted with visibility reduced to about 20 metres.
Still, being a tourist means that you're meant to embrace the experiences and this was definitely something I hadn't experienced before.
For one thing, it isn't really "fog" that I found myself in. It was actually the clouds! I was literally wandering around in the low level clouds that had surrounded the mountain range (and which was most likely sending rain onto the residents in Hong Kong below). It's an incredibly surreal feeling to know that you are walking through a cloud, that people down below are looking up into the sky and that you're pacing around in that exact sky.
I didn't want to leave so quickly. So after some quick inquiries, I was able to find out about some walks I could do.
So it was off into the clouds I walked!

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