Saturday, October 30, 2010

Post Op (Week 5)

My exercise regime has changed as I am now able to do significantly more in terms of strengthening exercises.

I have increased the resistance on the exercise bike and my floor exercises now include hamstring curls and tensing of my knee at a 90 degree angle.

I'm also pretty much completely weened off the crutch now as well. However, for my own safety, I continue to carry the crutch when I go outside and when I use public transport getting to and from work. I just find having the crutch ensures that I get a seat on the bus and that people know to give me space!

Looking at my scars, they're not too bad either.

It's pretty amazing looking at these scars compared to the enormous damage the surgery used to do only 10 years ago.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Escape attempt!

It was just a normal Saturday night.

I was being lame and studying in my room and my housemate Andy was half asleep on the couch watching a movie.

A pretty pointless and boring night for everyone involved.

.... nothing was happening. Sitting quietly in my room reading journal articles....

A concerned cry from Andy changed that.

"Ummmm, Paul.... we may have a serious problem...."

I rushed out of my room to see a noticeably agitated Andy rummaging through the enclosure of our pet snake Heidi.

It seemed as though Heidi had escaped.

A 3 metre long centralian carpet python had escaped and was loose in the apartment!!!!

Now, this isn't exactly the thing you want to hear when your evening is drawing to a close and you're thinking about going to sleep.

"What the f*** do you mean a serious problem!?!?" I politely enquired.

"I don't f***ing know where she is!!!!" Andy courteously responded.

"Check the f***ing enclosure!!!!" I ventured.

"I can't f***ing find her!!!!" was Andy's retort.

Heidi was not in her enclosure.

We started trying to think like a snake. Where would a snake go?

I ran into the kitchen and tried to search behind the fridge, thinking that she would be drawn to the heat. Sadly not.

Andy rushed into the living room and began lifting the couches. No dice.

I started wandering to the other side of the apartment. I turned the corner and opened the door to the bathroom.

Immediately before me was Heidi.
Two metres and she would have been out the window.

Thankfully, we had probably found her ten minutes before she made her way out of the window into the apartment of one of our neighbours.....

It's going to be a while before Heidi gets outside privileges again!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Post Op (4 weeks)

Four weeks in.

I'm back in Sydney and continuing my rehabilitation.

Things are going very well too.

I'm already able to full weight bear on the leg.
My range of motion is only 1 degree away from being fully straight and I can bend to 127 degrees.

The physios have placed me in the top 10% of recoveries so I'm very happy.

It hasn't been easy getting to this point though. Hard work and diligence have become my mantras.

Every morning, I wake up early, exercise then go to work. I go to the physio during the day. I get back from work and exercise. I exercise just before I go to sleep.

Eight more months.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Post Op (2 weeks)

I'm finally out of the bandages.

The stitches are also out.

I now have in place of the bandages a rather fetching legging.

Most importantly of all, I am now able to have a shower unimpeded by the giant brace on my leg (which I am allowed to take off at certain times).
I was absolutely gobsmacked by how much my left leg has shrunk when the bandages were taken off. It was as though it had halved in comparison to my right leg.

I've also kicked off my physio and personal exercise regime.

Physio, three times a week.

Exercises, four times a day.

Slowly, slowly, slowly....