Saturday, October 23, 2010

Post Op (4 weeks)

Four weeks in.

I'm back in Sydney and continuing my rehabilitation.

Things are going very well too.

I'm already able to full weight bear on the leg.
My range of motion is only 1 degree away from being fully straight and I can bend to 127 degrees.

The physios have placed me in the top 10% of recoveries so I'm very happy.

It hasn't been easy getting to this point though. Hard work and diligence have become my mantras.

Every morning, I wake up early, exercise then go to work. I go to the physio during the day. I get back from work and exercise. I exercise just before I go to sleep.

Eight more months.


Tya said...

I wish you much courage! :)

Mildly Confused said...

Thank you!

yui said...

Hi. I regularly visit your blog.
Your story makes me fun and I can't wait the next update!
I'll write soon.