Thursday, August 16, 2012

Excuse me while I snus

This stuff isn't for the weak of spirit.

It will send your heart beat soaring and make your breath smell like you've eaten an ash tray.
Yet this seems to be one of the most beloved of the Scandinavian traditions.

I'm not even sure why there was a packet of snus in my apartment.  It was sitting there waiting to be used though, so I thought I might as well fulfill its destiny and make use of it.  I grabbed one of the tiny little packets of fun out of the box and jammed it into my upper lip.
It wasn't long at all before I could feel the surge of nicotine going to my head.  The taste of tobacco was swirling in my mouth and I was fairly confident that I had received about as much enjoyment that I was going to get from my snus.

I spat it out and put the box away.