Monday, July 02, 2007

Up the mountain

The skiing yesterday was tough..... really bad conditions..... awful conditions.

I got a little bit of frost burn on my lips and nose.

At one stage Hugh and I both ducked our heads to avoid the winds only for chills to go down our backs.

Today was MUCH nicer!

The sun was out and Hugh and I headed straight up Gunbarrel to find some nicer runs.

Isn't the snow beautiful?
Absolutely stunning.
As we got to the top, the winds started blowing again..... blowing even harder than the day before.....

At least the sun was out I guess.....

Look at that view!

Hugh looks happy with the snow as well!

Over the course of three seasons, I've had the pleasure of skiing with Bryce and Hugh, two of the best skiers in Australia (and the world for that matter). It's definitely been a great experience. Trying to keep up with these two, even on the traverses, is near impossible!!!

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