Sunday, July 01, 2007

Cold as ice!!!!

I love the cold.

I also love the snow.

Skiing and snow... it really must be one of the best combinations ever!

When Bryce asked if I wanted to head to the mountain with his family... I jumped on the opportunity!
Pretty good snow! Not great.... but definitely above average.
Bryce and I also took this opportunity to head down to ''42''. This cafe supposedly makes the best coffees in Australia. I stopped drinking coffee two years ago... but I take this opportunity as the only time when I break this ban.

Getting down to the cafe was COLD, even when rugged up.

The coffees were good though, very good.

Bryce proudly displays his Are beanie. It's amazing how much stuff he gets from being a World Champs ski racer.

For competing at the World Champs, he and his brother were presented these amazing Crystal glasses.....

About to head off to the mountain!!!!

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