Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flying down the slopes

I went up to Thredbo for a few days to visit my old friend Bryce. It had been over 9 months since I had last seen Bryce, so I thought it was time to pay him a visit. The trip also gave me a chance to improve my terrible skiing skills.

I love going up to Thredbo! It's so picturesque up there and the air is so crisp.

I managed to improve my skiing significantly. I am now finally up to the task of tackling intermediate runs.... even if it is at a very slow pace.

It's always very intimidating being on the snow with Bryce... even if it isn't on skis! He's a 20 point skier, and my last memory of being on skis and on the mountain with him involved me struggling to keep up while he skied backwards and attacked me with his stocks.

This trip was also the first time in over a year that I drank coffee (I normally stay away from it). I felt an almighty rush as the coffee kicked in almost immediately. Apparently the cafe we drank at ("42") serves some of the best coffee in Australia.

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