Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Olympics

I find it difficult to describe the level of disdain I have for the Olympics.

As an event and spectacle, I don't think it matches the ideals that it was originally created for. Rather it has become another large scale corporate event.

What I find most disturbing of all is the amount of money that many countries will spend on hosting the Olympics. They will throw billions of dollars towards the constructions of sporting facilities that very often go to waste once the games are finished (Sydney and it's "white water rafting" facilities spring to mind....) whilst other things such as health, education and basic public infrastructure are allowed to continually decay.

So every Olympic year, I personally boycott watching or caring about anything to do with the Olympics.

However, this year things were complicated by the presence of a friend who would be competing.... so a slight exception would have to be made when they raced.....

Even more disturbing was that I found myself watching the Opening Ceremony.

.... what a terrible waste.....

I tend to think that what the great Stephen Colbert had to say about the Olympics seems to ring increasingly true:

"The Olympics began in perversion: greased up naked men slapping hot sweaty body parts against one another's taut and hairless flesh in pursuit on victory, like Chippendale's dancers at an after-hours party. And the tradition of perversion continues - because as an international athletic competition, the Olympics are a warped, watered-down version of the only worthy contest between nations: war."

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