Friday, October 02, 2009

Terrible luck....


Seriously amazing.

Wonderful even.

I had ended up in hospital. I had been struck down with what the doctor would describe as being "incredibly unlucky".

Laying in the hospital bed feeling faint and weak was not the most pleasant experience.

However, like most experiences there were the funnier parts. Waking up to find myself surrounded by the medical students and their professor going through my case would definitely rank up there. It felt like I was in a medical drama, except from a vastly different perspective. Laying in the bed, looking up a bed surrounded by people in white coats all talking intently whilst looking at you is a surreal experience that makes you feel almost detached from reality.

Thankfully, my stay wouldn't last too long. I was looked after by the fantastic (and disturbingly overworked) staff and allowed to leave.

Hopefully there will be no return trips.

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