Friday, January 29, 2010

Piñata Piñata!!!

I'm always up for a get together, a nice party, a catch up, drinks, dinner, chilling out at a cafe. Whatever really. It's just nice to DO SOMETHING. Anything is always better than nothing.

I had a great reason to do something though one weekend recently. One of my good friends had recently overcome some health problems and what better way was there to celebrate than to have a party near the beach (being my house of course)!

In honour to make the party truly awesome, I decided that we needed a piñata. We needed something to best represent the annoyance and suffering that the illness had caused her so that she could beat the hell out of it. I wandered off to the shops searching for the perfect piñata and to my immense surprise, I was confronted by one of those rare situations in life where what you get far exceeds anything you could have hoped for or imagined.
With the choice of either Dora the Explorer or Elmo, I knew that I was going to have to choose Dora. Leaving Dora in my apartment the nights before the party was more than a bit disconcerting.... the way she would stare at me with her empty eyes.....

The day of the party came and everyone seemed happy enough. Once Dora came out, the hilarity began though.
One by one, everyone gave in to their desires and started swinging away at Dora. It really didn't take long for people to get over their original nervousness and to start attacking this poor defenceless cartoon character.
As Dora was finally smashed open and the candy gathered off the floor, we were then treated to the bizarre sight of one of the kids at the party deciding that Dora needed to be rid of her head. Everyone stood in awkward silence as Dora's head was methodically removed. This was followed by the equally bizarre sight of the smiling child hugging the head and giving it a kiss.... lovely.
With Dora's head off, it seemed a shame to waste it, so I decided to turn it into a mask. I think it looks rather fetching.

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Lauren Taylor Haft said...

This brightened my day.
Thanks for the giggles.