Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old Melbourne town

Work has been hard. Hours have been long and the work has been crazy.

Being sent off to Melbourne for work was something I both welcomed and dreaded.

It had been a while since I had been to Melbourne, but these weren't really the circumstances I had wanted to rediscover the city in. Moving from airport, to office, to hotel doesn't give you much of an opportunity to do anything.
I will admit that it was a nice change being in a different city. Change (even if fleeting) has always been something I've approved of.
For this trip, I found myself in the Windsor Hotel. This is an old landmark of Melbourne. Directly opposite of the Victorian Parliament, it has played host to more than its share of dignitaries over the years.
It's getting on a bit in years now. It's still a very nice place, but age has clearly sapped some of its granduer.
Still, I much preferred this old style of hotel to the new generic hotels. The old fixtures and the wood gave the place a warmth that's wholly lacking in the newer counterparts.

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