Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm so bored....

I am so bored.

So damn bored. There is nothing to do. The clouds are killing my summer. I want to go to the beach and instead I'm stuck wallowing away my days in my apartment...

My tax filings are done.

My banking filings are done.

I've cleaned the apartment.

I've washed my clothes.

I've got no study to do.

What else?

Might as well try some new recipes I guess.

For some bizarre reason, I suddenly felt the urge to make a Black Forest cake.
People have told me it's complicated, but scrambling through my pantry, I was pretty much able to find everything I needed except for the cherries. I wander to the shops soon fixed that.
The chocolate sponge cakes were basic and something that Josh and I have made countless times before.
As for the cutting and fillings.... again, it wasn't really an issues. All it required was a steady hand (check), a bit of stewing (check) and patience (check).
Unfortunately for me and my boredom, the creation of a Black Forest cake is really not very difficult at all. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. It is completely dependent on bringing together multiple parts and assembling quickly, none of which is too difficult if you have any experience baking and a hand that can steadily and accurately layer out the sponges with.

..... I wasn't even hungry after finishing it, just still bored.

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yui said...

I'm always excited on your new story.