Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lost bags

It feels good to be travelling again.

It feels so liberating. As soon as I stepped into Sydney airport, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders knowing that for the duration of this trip (as short as it was), I would be without obligations.

I was heading off to Hong Kong for some family events!!!

It had been over two years since I had been overseas (far too long) and over three years since I had been to Hong Kong. I generally don't like going to places I have been to before, but as far as I'm now concerned, a trip is a trip.

Cheap tickets had been sourced, but unfortunately this meant I was actually flying to Taiwan first...

I found myself running through the airport in Taiwan at around 4am in the morning searching for someone to print out a boarding pass for me, but thankfully someone appeared and I was able to run (as well as my reconstructed knee will allow me) to the gate and my connecting flight to Hong Kong.

Not that it really mattered anyway.

It turns out my bags weren't able to run as fast as I was and they were bumped onto the subsequent flight.

So instead, I found myself sitting at Chek Lap Kok airport, waiting for my bags to arrive.

It's a nice looking airport.
The huge ceilings seem to glow, no matter the time of day and the white has an eerie calming feeling.
It was annoying having to wait the extra hour (which was still better than waiting the 6+ hours for them to deliver it to my hotel), but I was on holiday. So who cares if I have to sit around?

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