Thursday, April 07, 2011

Canto cuisine

There's something about cantonese cuisine that really doesn't seem to grab my attention in the same way it used to when I was younger.
This is the food of my childhood, the food I had at home and that I still consider to be my personal comfort food. It's all delicious as well. There's a combination of texture and flavours that is completely missing in the cooking in the West.
But for some strange reason, I really didn't feel it this recent trip to Hong Kong. I have returned to Australia feeling as though nothing really stood out, feeling as though there was nothing eaten that was memorable or particularly amazing.
Not that anything was bad, it was all good, fresh food. It was food that highlighted the natural flavours of the ingredients and brought people together as all good Cantonese cuisine does.
And still, I found myself a bit bored with it all.

I found myself lacking the desire to try new dishes, returning instead over and over again to the same old tea house for their strong tea and hot pineapple buns.
It leads me to wondering whether my palate has changed or whether I have lost the desire for trying new things entirely?

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