Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sitting on the bus

I think I have fallen into a rut in Sydney.

Most days seem to be relatively similar to the last and worst of all, I find myself seeing nothing new.

I've only been living in Sydney for a few years. I'm amazed that I've so quickly reached a stage where I no longer explore and no longer seek out new things to see.

I don't quite know what has led me to this behaviour. I love the feeling of being in a new place that I am unfamiliar with. There's a strange rush of uncertainty.
As lame as it may sound, I finally experienced some of the feeling of being somewhere new from being on a bus of all places.

Rather than jumping on my old bus back home, I thought I'd try a bus that went a different route.

It was deserted. However, strangely enough I felt the lack of familiarity that I had been seeking. As the city slowly past me by and shop fronts I had never seen sped past, I started thinking about the need to actually keep searching this city for some of the sites that I clearly hadn't been to.

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maya said...

Ok Paul, time to come to Europe!