Thursday, February 09, 2012

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Well this is just awful.

Summer is Sydney is what makes it worthwhile to live in this city devoid of culture and character.  It's meant to be the best time to be in Sydney.  It's the time that makes me forget about the long period in the middle of the year when the entire city seems to go underground, waiting for the sun to reemerge with its warmth.

Something was dreadfully amiss though.  My precious Sydney summer was being robbed from me and in its place was rain.

It was a never ending gloom.  It was a rain that was seeming into the cracks in the walls and seemed to be melting the buildings themselves.

I was finding it hard to write as well.  My posting for this blog was months behind the times.  I have often read about how many artists and writers find themselves most productive during times of anguish and suffering.  I am by no means an artist (or even a real writer), but I was not fortunate enough to experience any such surge in creative output.

Instead, all I had was a never ending pall hanging over my mood.  I was suffering some pretty major SAD and I was a complete loss as to how to fix it.

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