Monday, April 01, 2013

We ain't moving

I drive between Sydney and Newcastle frequently.

The drive should normally take me from door to door in around 2 hours.  If I am lucky and the traffic is favourable I have even been able to do the drive in under 2 hours.  It is a boring drive and when you consider that Newcastle is only 160km away from Sydney, it is too long.  It is a poor reflection on the infrastructure of New South Wales that a distance of 160km takes 2 hours by car to cover and a two and a half hours to cover by train.

It gets even worse if there is traffic.

I found myself in one of this wonderful situations where the highway reached a complete standstill.
It's an unnerving feeling being completely motionless on a highway.  My paranoia kicks in and I begin to imagine different doomsday scenarios as the reason for why we have stopped.  Is it the zombie apocalypse or is everyone trying to flee from a comet heading towards the earth?

What is most bizarre is that eventually everyone starts to move again and it's never even clear what the cause of the delay was to begin with.

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