Friday, August 23, 2013

Office jealousy

My old friend Kieran and I started off our careers together.

Back in those days, we were just kids wearing unfamiliar suits trying desperately to be useful without being annoying to those around us.  It was a fine line we walked and it wasn't always walked successfully.

We've both moved on from our first job and onto newer and brighter things.

However, to my immense jealousy, Kieran's move has included something far brighter than anything at my new job.

Kieran's office includes a staff recreation room that seemed to have been created from a university student's dreams.  There is an open bar and food available for anyone who wants it.  However it is the entertainment available that is truly unbelievable.
There was the race car simulators they had.

The pool tables.  The table tennis.  The foozeball.
Then there was the open bar and the endless supply of food.
All free of course.

The stale biscuits in my office pantry didn't seem to hold the same appeal.

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