Sunday, June 18, 2006

God Save the Queen!

Living in Canberra can be an amazingly boring experience. A population of 300 000 people spread over a huge space of suburbia tends to be relatively relaxed and laid back... even more so than normal. However, during one long weekend every June, Canberrans all come together to celebrate the Queen's birthday. A good time can be had in Canberra during the long weekend by;
a) Leaving Canberra; or
b) Blowing up a small part of Canberra.

So on a cold, rainy Saturday night. A group of us gathered to combine alcohol and fireworks to see what would result.

Nick decided that it would be a good idea to siphon some petrol out of his car so that we could set fire to some wet wood that we had (notice the hose in his hands...)

All he managed to get was a lung-full of petrol fumes that left him choking and spluttering on the ground.

The fireworks did end up being very nice, though it was less fun when some of the rockets fell over and began to shoot at US instead of at the sky.

The rain falling gave a strong contrast to all of the fireworks that we eventually set off.

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