Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh God..... my back.....

I strained my neck the other day. I was doing pull-ups at the gym and when I finished I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I didn't worry about it at first, thinking that it would go away. However, it didn't go away and it seemed to remain progressively painful even after several days of resting.

So after days of pain, I finally succumbed to the continued insistence of Dave and Angus to go and see them at their brand new clinic. Yes, that's right. I have friends who are a chiropractor and a remedial soft tissue therapist and yet I still put it off.... I'm odd. These brothers have opened up a clinic together in Manuka, a swanky part of Canberra.

How nice is their business card? Very sleek isn't it? They have a cool red theme going on for the whole clinic which contracts well to the white walls of the clinic.

Dave (who is the chiropractor, and who was a few years above me at boarding school) got to work on me first. When he first cracked my neck, I honestly thought that I wouldn't be walking again... the sound was incredibly loud! Yet within moments, the pain in my neck was decreasing significantly. Here he is sitting smuggly at his desk, thinking about future tortures he will put my spine through.

Here is Angus (the remedial soft tissue therapist). He and I were in the same year at boarding school together so we go way back. Once Dave is finshed on my neck, he will palm me off to Angus to ensure that my back remains in line.... look at him working hard!

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