Saturday, October 28, 2006

This is the end...

So this is it! I'm finished! University life is pretty much over as all I have left are my exams. I had my final classes ever yesterday. It was a strangely bitter-sweet experience to realise that five years have passed so quickly.

As I walked towards Law School, my iPod shuffled onto "This is the last time" by Keane.... how fitting.

With class finished, Emma, Suzanna and I celebrated by opening a bottle of champagne (which Suz did by nearly shooting a poor bystander in the head)!

Our lecturer Shae was also VERY happy to come and have a drink with us! When we asked her to come and have a drink with us, she charged up through the seating screaming "BOOZE!"

Helen is also finishing, and looks as excited as the rest of us.

... and once I got outside... I just couldn't help but jump for joy!


Anonymous said...

Yay! congratulaations on the last day sweetie!

cuz jo said...

hey paul! congratulations! reading this entry reminds me of how old i actually am... haha~ see you in msn! be good, cheers

betsyboo said...

yesh, be good paul. ;)
congrats!! and goodluck for the exams!
wish you saved some of that booze for me!hahaha
cant wait for the nasi lemakkkkkkk boooyeah!