Monday, December 25, 2006

Sawat-dii khrap!

"Do you want to go to Thailand?"

"What for?" I asked.

"I want a holiday, I'm tired" was my dad's reply.

Go to Thailand.... why not I thought. I hadn't been there in a while and since my dad wanted us to go to Krabi, it was a chance for me to get in some time on the beach.

A trip to Thailand with the whole family.... this was going to be interesting. The whole family hadn't been on a holiday together for a while. My brother was up for it though, any chance at a bit of sun and surf will see him happy.

He was already trying to get into the mood at the airport....

After a short flight, we were in Krabi....

I was happy when we arrived at our hotel at Ao Nang beach. The hotel was pretty good which is always a bonus and it had its own beach at the back. Crystal blue waters and white sands. The view from my balcony of the nearby sandstone hills was also nothing to be laughed at!

After my parents settled in for the night, my brother and I unpacked our luggage into our room and went for a wander around the hotel. We found a larger gingerbread house in the main foyer. However, it was a little bit hidden.... so Tim decided to see if it was made of real gingerbread. After taking out a nice bite.... he concluded that it was.

The next day we headed off on a tour of the local islands.

The Princess Cave and my brother staring in awe of it all.

The large pile of what appeared to be giant wooden dildos was not what I was expecting to be in the cave.... apparently people throw them here asking for kids or something.....

I found the dildo pile to be a little boring, so I wandered off with my brother deeper into the caves to the right. We waded through some shallows and under some small overhangs before we found what we were looking for.

Some amazingly secluded caves! I nearly killed myself climbing up this boulder.

We headed off to "Chicken Island" after the caves and some snorkelling. Two islands, about two hundred metres apart... but you can wade from one to the other at around waist depth! There is a sandbar that connects the two islands. It's a surreal experience.... standing in the middle of the ocean waist deep between two islands.

But dear God it was beautiful.
How cool are my Hawiian board shorts!?

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