Saturday, February 03, 2007

That's it... time to go

I was so sick... the final few days were bad.... really bad.

High fever and I lost my voice.

But I still had to go and say goodbye to some people. Before I became bed-ridden, I was able to say goodbye to Felix and Weilin. It's been along time since we all worked together and now they're both high flying lawyers.

On the last night, Aunty Folake (mother of my godbrother and godsister) came to say goodbye with the kids. She brought me some mashed yams and sauce.... I love Nigerian food. I didn't have a bowl though so I had to eat it out of a tea cup. Finally we were off. Sitting in the BA lounge, I was able to get a bit of food and sleep whilst waiting for the plane. Oh God I was sick....

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