Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Greatest Show (Job) on Earth!!!

I have found myself the GREATEST JOB EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm working for CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!!!!!

That's right, I'm at the Cirque! French-Canadians everywhere, tumblers, jugglers, acrobats and singers.... dozens of different nationalities, all wandering around within about 100 metres.....

As an usher, I not only get to watch the show almost everynight, but I also get to be a part of the show! I do lots of technical guarding, artist escorts and blackouts during the quieter parts of the performance.

Jeremy (another usher whom I work with) and I decided to go for a wander before our shift started to have a bit of fun around the compound.

We both found the costumes tent to be particularly amazing.

I felt the need to jump.

And I mean JUMP!

Jeremy followed suit.

Anna and Jeremy thought to take the poses to the next level!

In the middle of our break during the show, Jeremy and I decided to go wandering around a bit again.

We found our supervisors, Brendan (from Brisbane) and Luc (from Montreal) walking around. They both look so serious don't they?
We tried to go into the Tapis Rouge.... but being simple ushers we weren't allowed in.....
Jeremy decided to console himself in the arms of the zebra.
Until we both moved on to find ourselves the cheetah and panda.

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