Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mmmmmmmmmmm..... curry.....

Time for another curry party!

It seems to have become a yearly tradition.... though one that ends this year with the impending departure of.... pretty much everyone!

With one year gone, everyone seemed to have improved their cooking skills and there was an entire bench full of everyone's homemade creations.

Add a few cases of "Tikka Beer", imported from India... and we had a nice party.

It was Fliss' birthday... I think. I'm assuming that was the reason for the curry..... any excuse will do these days to be honest.
Guv looks shell shocked! Less than a month, and he'll be in London!
Stead gives his BIGGEST grin!
Too much beer makes people do odd things....
I don't know what's happening in this photo... and I don't really want to know....

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