Friday, April 20, 2007

Getting some tucker

I was wandering around Manuka with Todd the other day looking for some food when we stumbled across this cafe we hadn't encountered before.

The "Ironbark Cafe".
Apparently it has not been around for long, so we thought we would give the food a try.

It turns out that this cafe specialises in "Australian" food. Not "fusion" or the garbage they call "New Australian".... but Australian food, made using Australian ingredients.

We ordered a platter of damper and dips. It was very good. A nice change from the normal turkish bread and dips which has become disturbingly boring.

Australian chillis, bush tomatoes, native nuts.....

They even had a nice cup of lemon myrtle tea for me. It was definitely better than whatever we were going to have. Whatever that may have been....

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