Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Out and About

I love the Cirque....

Greatest job I've ever had... possible the greatest job I'll ever have!

I've made some really interesting friends from my time there as well.

Lizbeth and Javier were the two first people I met. Javier being one of the acrobats in the Icarian Games act of Varekai, and Lizbeth being his wife.

They had both been so nice to me, so I thought it would be nice to take them both out and around Canberra.
Both of them loved Parliament and they found the War Memorial to be amazing like everyone else!
We saw Aya at the War Memorial too.
After wandering around Canberra, I took them both for some drinks and food at Julep Lounge. We found Rajiv working there which was nice.
Raj and I introduced Javier to the "Blue Blazer".
Lizbeth and Javier seemed to enjoy the food and drinks.
Strangely enough.... we were invited to a BBQ while we were out. Not a normal BBQ though, a Portuguese BBQ!
Javier's brothers had made friends with a Portuguese restaurant owner who held a big night at his house for some of the Cirque performers.
Here's the juggler from Cirque Octavio with his little baby Vivien. He and his family are from Mexico.
Javier's brother Ramon....
At the end of the night, I took them both up the mountain to have a look at Canberra by night. Too bad the photo didn't come out so well.....

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