Friday, March 28, 2008


Leaving Jerusalem was a difficult thing. I had definitely grown to love the city. It's a place that captures the imagination. I had seen so much there and I was even lucky enough to see someone with a full blown case of "Jerusalem Syndrome" on one of my last days there!

However, it was definitely time to move on. I wanted to see more of Israel, to explore more of this incredible country.

After tossing a coin to determine where I was going next.... I realised that the next location was HAIFA!!!!!

I was definitely excited about this place.

This was the location of the famed Baha'i gardens! The holiest location of one of the world's youngest religions.

After a short bus ride that involved me freaking out (an IDF boy fell asleep opposite me and the barrel of his M16 just seemed to.... follow my head.... no matter how much I tried to get out of the way).

But soon enough, I was there!

And I headed to the gardens as soon as I could.
Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

I can quite confidently say that these were the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen in my life (and probably ever will see for that matter!)

However, I wasn't able to get inside straight away.

So, instead I headed off to my hostel. Definitely a good idea! There I met Adam and Jesse, a Canadian lawyer who had quit with desires to see the world and an American-Jewish writer looking to learn more about the Israel.

With them, I was able to explore Haifa and more importantly the Baha'i gardens!!!

Again, absolutely amazing!

There was nothing in the entire place that wasn't perfect.

Everything was perfectly symmetrical and inline.
Even the road running down to the ocean had been shifted to ensure that it was inline with the path of the garden.

All 19 levels brought an extra vision of absolute beauty.

Even the sounds were soothing and gentle, with soft gushing water being present everywhere you walked.

This place was so calming and soothing.

It was an oasis. A shining light of beauty.
I'm not sure I'll ever see something so stunning ever again to be honest!

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