Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ummmmm.... what else?

So, Haifa.

It's a relatively small city. Only a few hundred thousand people.

It has a stunning location too. Mountains in the backdrop, hugging the pristine waters of the Mediterranean and with the Baha'i Gardens drapped across it, cutting the city in half.

This city should be crawling with people.

But strangely enough, I found the place to be very quiet. There's something seriously lacking about the place. Aside from the Baha'i Gardens, there isn't much to the city.

The ocean is there, but an ugly port facility takes the beauty away from that.

And as nice as the Gardens are (I know I harp on about them....) the rest of the city is surprisingly ugly. Alot of run down, dirty buildings. They're not even old. Just poorly kept.

So as a whole, though the Gardens were magnificent, Haifa was disappointing. I'm sure it would be a nice place to live, with the serene atmosphere and the calm, cool feeling to the place.... but as a place to visit?

Not so much.

At least the Gardens are there though!
Aren't they beautiful?
They are completely worth the visit.... even if the rest of Haifa isn't!

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