Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Coastal Fortress

I really like Akko.
It's such a beautiful place.

After having walked along the waterfront and then through the tunnels we decided to embrace the true tourists inside and we paid to go into the citadel. It was actually very worth it.

I also got to see Adam in all of his sarcastic glory as he unleashed on the people who thought that they could push in at the tickets counter. It was an indirect spray that was well worth it!

Walking through the streets, it feels like at any moment, a Templar Knight could suddenly appear from around the corner.

The three of us made our way up the walls of the city and found ourselves a nice place to just sit and look at the view.

We were full of the sites and sounds of the place... as well as a fair bit of roasted lamb.
So it was in a happy mood that we left Akko and slowly made our way back to our hostel in Haifa.

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