Monday, July 07, 2008

Now I'm a LAWYER

It was a big day for me.

It was a VERY big day (not just because it was the 4th of July)!

Six years in the coming really.....

I was being admitted to the Courts as a legal practitioner.

It was the day I became a lawyer!!!

My brother thought it would be hilarious to take a photo of me posing next to where many believe the legal profession belongs.

But soon the whole family was all lined up smiling before we entered into the Banco Court for my admission ceremony.

The ceremony was quickly over though and I soon found myself feeling different, feeling as though I had somehow grown up a little (at least in the eyes of the law....)

I headed downstairs to sign the roll.

Glancing down the list of names, I noticed that I was still very much one of the younger people being admitted.
My brother was clearly becoming bored of his role as the designated cameraman for the day.

He decided that a more "abstract" look at the day was more appropriate.
The boredom wasn't subsiding.
But eventually all of the formalities were over and we all found ourselves outside of the Court on a rainy Sydney day.
I was now a LAWYER!

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Mc Alda said...

Congratz Mr. Li!!!
Yay, I have a friend who's a lawyer now hehehe...