Saturday, October 11, 2008

Moonlighting in the Sun

Working two jobs hasn't been easy.

The hours have been crazy and rushing from one job to the one at night has left me fairly tired.

It's worth it though. After all, Cirque du Soleil is a great place to have fun!

It's also been good to see some old faces.
My old boss from "Varekai" had shifted over to "Dralion", so once again, he was bossing me around and telling me what to do.
Just wandering around the site is a good experience with all of the music and the colours creating a constant cheer.
I even had a better uniform this year than the last with the logo having being enlarged.
Jeff was on "Dralion" too! He was one of the old "Varekai" crew as well.
Moonlighting with Cirque du Soleil is a tiring experience.

But it's definitely worth it.

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