Sunday, May 30, 2010

A different view (part II)

I maintain that living in Sydney during the winter is boring.

This is a city that is made for warmer temperatures.

Through the gloom of the rain and the lack of sunshine, it can sometimes be easy to forget that Sydney is a beautiful city.

During this time of the year, Sydney now plays host to the "Vivid Festival". A reasonably new event, this festival changes the city at night through an enormous light show.

It's amazing to see familiar sights under a completely different perspective.

I particularly liked the constant change of the lighting.

Seeing the Opera House in the multi coloured light reminded me of the importance of seeing things in a different light (sorry for the pun).

Lately I've been feeling bored and uninterested in my surroundings. I've become increasingly blasé towards the daily grind, ignoring the sights around me.

It's not the right attitude to have.

There's always something to see, and there's always something amazing to catch your eye.

If all it takes it is for a slight change to make the mundane interesting again, then maybe it was never uninteresting to begin with.

The lights have brought me a new appreciation of Sydney. The city is and remains stunning.

The lights make it seem as though it is glowing and alive.

And now, it's even filled with new and wonderful creatures to share the experience with.

All I had to do was open my eyes to it.


Tim Fredriksson said...

How do they change the roof of the opera house so fast??!


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