Saturday, August 20, 2011

More nuptial fun

The weddings seem to continue....

It is a constant reminder of the passing of time and that my own childhood is fading fast into my memory. Instead, there is the growing spectre of responsibility looming... the horror of it all.

However, none of that was going to stop me going to the wedding of my old friend Tammy. A wedding, regardless of what implications it may have on those getting married, and regardless of what terror it seems to create in me with thoughts of growing up, is still a fantastic party.

I've known Tammy and her family since I was a kid. Growing up as friends with her brother, I was always welcomed into their home, particularly when I was a starving uni student. Being able to go to her wedding was a great, though I found it a bit odd seeing her all grown up when I had still sharp memories of her as a primary school kid beating me at Nintendo.

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