Thursday, April 12, 2012


Growing up, there were always the kids who loved Meccano and the kids who loved Lego.

Then, there were always the kids who would make and eat mud pies .... (a practice I found to be bizarre even in my youngest years).

For me?  I loved Lego when I was a kid.

The steel and bolts of Meccano was too cold and unfeeling.  There was a sharpness to it all that I didn't like.

Lego on the other hand was colourful and welcoming.  It was like a real life cartoon that had the benefit of being interactive.

Sitting in the middle of Martin Place in Sydney having lunch with my friend Philipp, I was happy to see the Lego forest that had sprouted overnight.
I couldn't help but feel as though I had reverted to childhood.  I was clearly wandering around inside my memories.  I definitely missed it.  Lego for me was an intrinsic part of my childhood and the end of  the time I spent with it almost directly coincided with my move to boarding school (which I consider to this day as being when I began to grow up).

Being around so much Lego made me long for something that was still neatly stored in boxes in my parents' house and yet could never actually  be found again.

The only thing missing were some Lego pirate men and some Lego knights.

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