Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hotel to Hotel

The miserable weather in Melbourne wasn't a major surprise.  After all, Melbourne is a city with the deserved reputation of often having "four seasons in a day".  Arriving late in the night in the awful weather had added my feeling of exhaustion, so I was happy to collapse into the hotel room.  Work had decided to put me up at the Stamford, which was nice of them, and I was given another nice surprise by the suite they gave me.
I hadn't realised it immediately, but this was actually the same hotel that I had first stayed in when I had begun my working life.
The suite I had been given also looked identical to the suite I had stayed in previously as well (probably because it was indeed identical....)
Sitting in the room gave me a sense of nostalgia for my earlier working days.  I couldn't help but think of how much I had developed professionally and personally in that relatively short space of time.

I had also clearly lost some of my sense for adventure and fun as when I checked out of the hotel, I decided to move a few streets over into another hotel for the weekend instead of into a hostel as I had once done.
I wasn't even completely sure why I had made this decision.

As I have noted in the past, there was much of the same sameness to everything.  The location of the place was convenient, but I am certain that there would be hostels in the area that would offer similar convenience.

The biggest problem I find with the higher level of comfort would have to be that it creates a draw on you to stay in.
Why go traipsing off into the cold and uncertain world when you have your own warm and private space with satellite television?  If I'm going to be somewhere different, my aim should always be to explore, to see something different.
Looking out the window of the hotel really doesn't suffice.

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