Friday, July 06, 2012


Farewells are tough.

For me they are a constant reminder of the limited time we have with those around us.  My time in Sydney seems to have been largely spent with people who are only in town for a short time.  I have not regretted the opportunity it has provided me to expand my understanding of the world, but the constant rotation of the social scene can get a bit tiring.

The most recent farewell was for friends I had met through my masters program, some Swiss people and someone from Peru.

The catering for the event was distinctly South American.  We had cheesy empanadas made by the Peruvian girl herself  as well as many bottles of pisco from her family property.
The pisco was something else.  Lethal and powerful, it is not something I can imagine myself ever turning into a habit.
The night began to hurtle out of control with the ample encouragement of the pisco, but in a good way.  Saying goodbye is always tough, so it's important to ensure that it isn't forgotten and that it's done properly.

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