Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An epic meal time?

My housemates and I have a tendency to get caught up in silly trends and fads.

The latest one on our radar was the YouTube show, "Epic Meal Time".  A show where outrageous food monstrosities are created, often with copious amounts of bacon and booze.

We were so enamoured with the outrageous antics of the guys on the show, we even succumbed to the powerful lure of merchandising.

We purchased the bacon flavoured spread they sell online.

It seemed like an excellent idea at the time.
However, like so many other ideas that seemed incredible at the time they were first thought up, this one turned out to be the disappointed that only bacon flavoured spread could be.

As funny as the purchase was, the bottle now lies untouched and unloved in the back of the fridge.  I am fairly certain it won't be leaving that spot for quite some time.

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