Monday, July 16, 2012

Unexpected kindness

I am constantly amazed by the kindness that friends can display.

I was just sitting around in the cold, minding my own business and thinking about making tea when I my housemates dropped a parcel on my lap that had arrived for me in the mail.

I wasn't expecting anything, so I wasn't certain if this was going to be my untimely end or a gigantic pile of bills.  Whatever it was, my sense of dread and fear was growing.

Instead I found presents!

Swedish styled presents sent all the way from France to Australia.  Everything themed with a moose.

The kindness shown to me definitely created an unexpected mix of feelings.  I was of course incredibly happy at the thoughtfulness of my dear friends to think of me enough to send me presents, but I also felt petty and small.  I thought about all the times I had complained or sulked over relatively meaningless things and then contrasted it to this act of generosity.

People who say that we shouldn't concern ourselves with little things in life are wrong.  The little things we do are often the finest things of all.  Hopefully I will use this as a reminder to do these things more myself.

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