Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stormy weather

Wild weather is something that has always filled me with a strange sense of comfort.  Whenever there are storms, my thoughts are almost always drawn back to childhood and thoughts of being in my warm bed listening the rain.  Growing up in Melbourne, rain was a constant and I missed it terribly living in Canberra through some awful drought years.

Living in Sydney had brought me back into contact with the rain.

What I didn't expect was the ferocity of some of the storms that Sydney could experience.

When I was in Singapore, I had experienced truly torrential rains where it felt as though the entire sky was falling.  In Sydney, it was windy and ferocious storms that I experienced.
I woke up one morning after a party (completely saturated) to find the kind volunteers from the SES cleaning out the partially destroyed tree outside of my apartment block.
Even with this destruction, I still find it all so calming.

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