Friday, May 25, 2007

Hold close the things you love

Hold close the things you love....

I can't remember who told me that, but it seemed like good advice.

So I decided to embrace this ideal.

I love flat-screen TVs.
My brother also felt it necessary to show his love.....
.... but only for the things that he truly cared for.


tammy said...

paul, you're hair is growing out of proportion. definitely in need of a haircut!! maybe you should shave your head like your brother!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

tammy said...


I should really read what I write before pressing 'publish'.

you suck!

Mildly Confused said...

You suck more!!!!!!!

Always a pleasure Tammy!!!!


Joanne said...

hahaha this is hilarious!

Mc Alda said...

How come i am not in any of the pics >_< "Grrrrrr......"

And what's the story with Tim's head?? huauhauhahua... LOL