Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wincing the night away......

Poor Bryce.....

He's back in Australia now..... another racing season cut painfully short.

Now he's all doped up on painkillers, struggling to sleep through the pain of it all... physical and others.

Now I've been given the full update as well.

The injuries that Bryce has are as follows:

- A full rupture of his AC ligament.
- The bones surrounding his knee completely crunched, with part of the base of the tibia being split in two (ouch....)
- The calf muscle was nearly torn off (thankfully it was only a partial tear and not a full tear).

Regardless.... it's looking like a very long recuperation for Bryce. The Northern winter is calling though, so hopefully his knee will be up to scratch by the time that comes along.

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