Monday, May 07, 2007

Macedonian Marriage

The twins are married!!!!

I've known the twins Natalie and Nick for years. I went to high school with Nick and I went to university with Natalie.

It was a huge surprise when Natalie invited me to her wedding... but it was an even bigger surprise to find out that her twin Nick was also getting married..... on the SAME DAY!

A double wedding, and not only that, a double Macedonian wedding!

I arrived at the church with my date nice and early.

Inside everything was set up. We sat down in good seats right in the middle. Going in early would probably be the only mistake I made all day.... the seats were the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in.

Slowly, the bridal party(s) began to filter in.
Natalie and her husband to be Kire. Part of the traditional Macedonian wedding involves the bride and groom being "crowned" and then the crowns are swapped back and forth between their heads three times.
Both parties then start walking around the alter as part of the marriage "dance". It is the first walk they do as husband and wife, with the bridal parties following.
Everyone lined up to give offer then congratulations. After I gave them my best wishes, I was confronted by a kindly looking Macedonian man. He grabbed me by the hand and started speaking to me in Macedonian. After he finished, he asked me in broken English, "You... understand... what I say?"
"Not a word sorry" was my reply. He started to smile.
Another man put his hand on my shoulder as I started to walk away and decided to translate for me.
"You see..." he started. "He's the Godfather to the two twins.... and he could see that you are a young man, and he assumed you were single.... So he just gave you the Godfather's blessing. You'll be married in year!"
Oh God......
There were lots of children at the wedding, though it must have all been a bit much for some of the kids.
Outside waiting for the two grooms and the two brides were two stretch convertible Porsche limos.
A few hours later, everyone moved to the reception.
Not any reception...
But a reception in the Great Hall of Parliament House!
Don't Rehan and Nikki look nice?
Over 400 people gathered for what would be the best party I've ever been to.
Natalie and Kire make their entrance!
Then Nick and Melena make their entrance!
The cutting of the first cake.
Followed by the cutting of the second cake!
What an amazing night though! Huge amounts of food, free flowing drink and traditional dance followed.
Rehan and I decided it would be a good idea to drink one of the bottles of Johnny Walker Black that was on every table..... not such a good idea.


Joanne said...

that must be a wonderful nite for both the twins and you, who was invited to witness their next page in life! i've never been to a macedonian wedding before, but have been to an italian one... 3 words to summarise--> lots of food.HAHA

Karina said...

Wow, what the fascinating pictures.
Wedding is a fantastic ceremony, so nice.
I like all this stuff, but this Porsche!! I have no words!!
Where did you get it? Could you give me an address of this limo hire company, I want this car for my wedding!!