Sunday, February 14, 2010

Destroying Andy's Room

My stupid housemates Andy and Josh had somehow managed to take over a month of leave from work (paid leave). With this enormous amount of freedom in hand, they decided that a long trip to South America was in order.

Stupid housemates....

Since they were coming back soon and since I was in no way at all jealous of their travels, I decided that I needed to leave them some nice surprises for their return home.

Did I mention that I wasn't in any way jealous of their travels?

First up was Andy's room.

For Andy, I decided that what was needed was massive inconvenience for him.

So I cling wrapped everything in his room.
And I mean EVERYTHING in his room.

His drawers, his clock, his lamp, his shoes, his camera tripod, his chair, the things that were on his chair, his pillows, his bed.

It seemed like it would be a relatively simple thing to do, but my god, it took an age. Roll after roll of cling wrap disappeared as everything slowly disappeared beneath the transparent film of the wrap.

Josh's room would be next. What I had in store for him would take a fair bit of effort and planning.

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