Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dexter-ing Josh's room

With Andy's room sorted, I turned my attention to Josh's room.

All of us are big fans of the show "Dexter", which follows the life of the serial Dexter Morgan. We're such big fans in fact, that Kosta gave me the perfect idea for how to destroy Josh's room. This would take some effort and work. We had decided to turn Josh's room into a replica of one of Dexter's "kill" rooms.

That should freak him out nicely!

So, with the help of Kosta, we gathered the materials we needed and set about turning Josh's room into the terrifying vision that we wanted.
This was not an easy job at all.

The amount of work that this took surprised the both of us. We came to the quick conclusion that there is no way that Dexter could put this set up together with such frequency by himself and in the time that is depicted. Showtime has lied to us.

After all the hard work, the room came together nicely though. We taped the plastic up all over the walls and we draped the bed and floor with the plastic as well.

To add a sense of terror to the whole prank, I even burned the Dexter theme onto a CD and played it on repeat on Josh's stereo.
With a final flourish, Kosta grabbed one of the large knives out of the kitchen and stabbed it into the head of the Dora the Explorer pinata. Placing it on the centre of Josh's bed was the final icing on what was now a very creepy cake.

Turning on Josh's stereo with the Dexter theme and standing in the middle of his now completely plastic-ed room, there was a strange feeling of oppression and strangely heat that was being trapped in the room. Standing silently in the middle of the room with Kosta... you could hear a strange echoing from the plastic and the occasional creak from the plastic as it shifted beneath your feet.
I think I need a new hobby....

What you need to Dexter-ise someone's room:
- an assistant;
- 2 rolls of painter's tape;
- 1 roll of double sided tape;
- 10m x 80m of builder's film or of plastic drop sheet;
- sturdy scissors;
- a step ladder;
- a way to play the opening theme of Dexter on a stereo.

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My goodness u're hilarious!